On the Underground: London/Berlin

Berlin map differences


The London map side is recommended for your first game.

The general rules stay the same for both the London and Berlin maps. The only change is which tiles are used: Conncetion or Landmark & which additional scoring rule is present.

Landmark tiles

When a line is connected to a station with Landmark tiles, its player takes one of those tiles and keeps it face up in front of them.

If a player collects all 5 different types of Landmark tiles, those 5 tiles are discarded and the player discarding them scores 10 points.

At the end of the game, each player counts how many unscored Landmark tiles they have of each type. They earn 3 points per tile of the type they have the most of. If there is a tie for the most Landmark tiles, that player scores 3 points for each of those tied tiles.

Scoring rule - + Stations

Players score points for connecting multiple + Stations with a single line.

The first + Station connected to a line award 0 points;

The second and third + Station connected to the same line awards 2 points each;

The forth + Station connected to the same line awards 4 points.