On their turn, a player takes four actions.

For each of those actions, they may choose one of two options:

- Place a Track token;

- Take a Branch tile.

Each action can be performed multiple times, but no more than 4 action in total can be taken on a single turn.

Placing a Track token

For each action, a player may place 1 Track token onto the map, following the Track token placement rules.

A player may place track tokens of different colours during a single turn.

Player still use one action to place a Track token, even if they use 2 Branch tiles to extend their line somewhere other that one of its ends.

Taking a Branch tile

For each action, a player may take 1 Branch tile from the supply.

Players can also gain Branch tiles during the game each time a Terminus station is connected to a player's line.

The supply of Branch tiles is unlimited; if Branch tiles run out, anything else may be chosen to represent them.

Player use Branch tiles when placing Track tokens to extend their lines somewhere other than one of their ends. The Track token placed must still connect to it line.