1. Choose wether to play on London or Berlin map and then place the board in the middle of the table with the appropriate side up;

2. Place the Passenger token on the its start station: Euston for the London map or Friedrichstr for the Berlin map;

3. Depending on the side of the map that you are playing on, place Connection or Landmark tiles randomly on the green colored stations;

4. Take the Destination cards for the chosen city and shuffle both the Standard and the Express Destination cards together. Place them face down as a deck next to the board, leaving space next to it for a discard pile;

5. Reveal top 4 cards of the deck and place them face up next to the board;

- it can happen that all 4 revealed Destination cards will be of the same type. This situation is normal and will likelly happen during the game.

6. Place the Destination tokens on the stations on the board that match the 4 revealed Destination cards. These are the initial Destination station;

7. Place the Branch tiles in a pile next to the board;

8. Each player takes a scoring tile according to the number of players and place it on the "0" position of the score track:

- in a game with 2 players, each score tile should have four line colors;

- in a game with 3 players, each score tile should have three line colors;

- in a game with 4 or 5 players, each score tile should have two line colors;

9. Each player then takes the Track tokens of the colours depicted on their score tile;

- Each player thus control multiple lines, each one compromised either of 20 or 15 Track tokens.

10. The player who last made use of an underground transprtation system is the first player & give that player the Start Player tile;

- Alternatively, the player may choose a start player using any method they prefer.