On the Underground: London/Berlin

London map differences


The London map side is recommended for your first game.

The general rules stay the same for both the London and Berlin maps. The only change is which tiles are used: Conncetion or Landmark & which additional scoring rule is present.

Connection tiles

During setup 8 Connection tiles are randomly placed on each of the eight Connection station.

Players score 3 points when two Connection tiles showing the same symbol are joined using the same line.

- The same two identical Connection tiles can be joined by more than a single line thus potentially scoring the same player 3 points multiple times;

- The same line can join more than a single set of two identical Connection tiles.

Scoring Rule - Loops

When a player creates a loop with a single line, they score 1 point for each station (of any type) inside the created loop.

Stations that are connected by the line forming the loop are not counted towards scoring.

Note - Stations inside loops may generate points for each line only once, even if a loop is subsequently divided into smaller loops. However, the same stations will score points, if they end up inside another loop created by another line.