Champions of Midgard

Clean-up Phase


1) Take back your workers from all locations, returning Public Longships to their spaces on the board and Private Longships to your play area.

2) If the Troll was not defeated, discard the Troll Card and give each player 1 Blame token.

3) Discard any undefeated Draugr Cards.

4) Discard any revealed Journey Cards.

5) Add 1 Coin to each undefeated Monster card. This is an additional reward for the player who eventually defeats this Monster. Monsters may gain several Coins before they are defeated.

6) If this was Round 8, proceed to final scoring. Otherwise advance the Round Marker and return to Round Setup to play another round.

Discarded Troll and Draugr cards go to the monster discard pile in the bottom right corner of the board.