Champions of Midgard

Distant Shores


Beginning with the leftmost distant shore location and proceeding to the rightmost distant shore location, players resolve their journeys and then combat the Monsters by following the steps below. If no player assigned a longship to a particular location, simply skip that location and move on to the next one.

A. Reveal the Journey Card and resolve its effect (described in detail in the appendix at the end of the rules). Any loses indicated by the card must come from the Warriors and Food on the Longship. If a Longship has been assigned to a distant shore location, the Journey Card is revealed and discarded even if the player ended up assigning no Warriors to the Longship.

B. Feed your Viking Warriors. You must have enough Food in the longship to feed all your Viking Warriors. The 2 locations closest to the left edge of the board are closer to the port and therefore require less Food for the shorter journey (1 Food feeds 2 Viking Warriors). The 2 locations closest to the right of the board are further from the port and require more Food (1 Food feeds 1 Viking Warrior). This is depicted on the board for your reference. If there is not enough Food to feed all Viking Warriors, unfed Warriors starve and are returned to the general supply. All Food sent on a journey is returned to the supply, even if there is more than the Vikings require.

C. Combat the Monster!