Champions of Midgard

Resolve a round of Combat


1) Attack with all of your Viking Warriors by rolling the dice you have committed to fight the enemy.

2) (Optional) Discard 1 Favor token to reroll some or all of the dice just rolled. This step may be repeated if you have, and wish to spend, multiple Favor tokens.

3) For each Weapon Result rolled, place a Damage token on the enemy’s card. (Some dice faces show 2 weapons and count as 2 hits.)

4) Discard Viking Warrior dice equal to the Attack Value of the enemy. Reduce these losses by 1 for each Shield Result rolled.

5) Check to see if the enemy has been dealt lethal damage:

If the enemy has received lethal damage: take the enemy card in to a single face-down pile and collect the reward indicated. Return surviving Viking Warriors to your personal supply.

If the enemy has not received lethal damage and you still have Viking Warriors left: begin a new round of combat.

If the enemy has not received lethal damage and you have no Viking Warriors left: your Viking Warriors have been defeated and you collect no reward. Remove any Damage tokens placed on the Monster.