Champions of Midgard

Game End Overview


After the 8th Round, the game is over and players begin final scoring.

We recommend players calculate their final scores one at a time, beginning with the player furthest behind on the Glory Track.

First, sort your defeated Monsters and Draugr by color and lay them in front of you. Then score the following:

- Destiny Cards

- Set of Enemies (1 of each color)

- Runes (used or unused)

- Private Longships

- Favor of the Gods

- Coins

- Blame

The player with the most Glory is declared a Champion of Midgard. They earn the title of Jarl and are the winner of the game!

In the case of a tie, the tied player who defeated the most enemies (total cards collected, including Trolls) wins the game. If there is still a tie, the tied players rejoice in their shared victory.