Champions of Midgard

Combat Overview


Combat against Trolls, Draugr, Krakens, and Monsters (referred to collectively as enemies) is resolved in the same way. Enemies have an Attack Value and a Defense Value. In order to defeat an enemy, a player must deal damage equal to or greater than the enemy’s Defense Value (referred to as lethal damage).


A. Enemy Attack Value

B. Enemy Defense Value

Combat takes place in a series of rounds which consist of the player rolling their Viking Warrior dice in an attempt to deal damage to the enemy and then taking damage from the enemy by discarding their Viking Warriors. A player’s damage and an enemy’s damage are dealt simultaneously so even if a player deals lethal damage to an enemy, they still take damage from that enemy.

Combat ends at the end of a round in which at least one of the following is true:

1) The enemy has taken lethal damage.

2) All committed Viking Warrior dice have been defeated.