Blood Rage



Each player inspects the eight cards dealt to them and selects one to keep, placing it face down on their clan sheet, on top of the symbol of their clan animal. Once everyone has placed a card on their clan sheet, everyone passes the rest of their cards to the player on their left.

Now each player looks at the cards they’ve been passed, selects one to keep, and places it face down on their clan sheet. Then everyone passes their remaining cards to the left.

Continue picking and passing cards until each player has placed six new cards on their clan sheet. By that point, everyone will have two cards left to pass. But instead of passing them, they must be discarded without showing them.

At the end of this phase, all players should have 6 cards in their hand, plus any card they might have saved from a previous Age. Keep these cards secret from the other players. You will be able to use these cards during the Action phase.