Blood Rage

Ragnarök Phase


Take the token that’s on the current Ragnarök slot and place it on its corresponding province, with the “destroyed” side facing up. That province is destroyed forever and is out of the game.

There can be no more glorious death to a Viking than to be destroyed in Ragnarök. When a province is destroyed this way, all figures in that province, and in its supporting fjord, die and are placed in Valhalla.

Each such figure earns its clan some Glory. The amount of Glory granted is indicated on each Ragnarök slot on the Age Track. For each of their figures (including Monsters) destroyed in Ragnarök, the players gain 2 Glory in the First Age, 3 Glory in the Second Age, and 4 Glory in the Third Age.

Next, place the Doom token on the province indicated by the next Age’s Ragnarök token.