Blood Rage

Prepare the Board


Next to the Game Board, place the Valhalla sheet and the Age Track sheet.

Take all the Pillage tokens and place the one with the green border on the Yggdrasil province at the center of the board, with the reward side facing up. Shuffle the other 8 Pillage tokens and place them randomly on the other 8 provinces surrounding Yggdrasil, face up. The Pillage tokens show the reward you get for pillaging that province.

Take the 8 Ragnarök tokens and shuffle them. Place one on each of the three Ragnarök spots on the Age Track. The tokens should have the text side facing up, indicating what provinces will be destroyed in the course of the game.

As a constant reminder of which the province is doomed to be swallowed next by Ragnarök, place the Doom token on the province indicated by the Ragnarök token on the First Age track.

Before the game begins, some provinces will already have been destroyed by Ragnarök, leaving less usable space on the board. Depending on the number of players in the game, randomly take the number of Ragnarök tokens indicated below and place them on the provinces indicated on them, with the “destroyed” side facing up.

• On a 4-player game, 1 province is destroyed.

• On a 3-player game, 2 provinces are destroyed.

• On a 2-player game, 3 provinces are destroyed.

The remaining Ragnarök tokens are placed back in the box.

A province with a Ragnarök token on it is effectively out of the game. No figures can ever be placed in that province.