Blood Rage

Prepare Your Clan


First, each player chooses one of the available clans to play, by placing one of the Clan Sheets in front of them. At the start of the game, all clans are equal, but they’ll soon become unique with each player’s choice of upgrades.

Take your clan’s Leader figure and 8 Warrior figures, and make sure the small plastic bases in your clan’s color are attached to them. This helps easily distinguish your units on the board.

Take one Ship figure and make sure it’s got a sail attached in your clan’s color. Keep all of your figures near your clan sheet. This area is called your reserve. Also keep your clan’s extra 2 small bases and 2 large bases next to you. They will be used if you recruit any Monsters.

Take you clan’s Glory Marker and place it on the Glory Track around the board, on the “0” spot.

Take all of your Clan Tokens, placing one of them on the first spot of each of the three Clan Stats on your clan sheet: Rage, Axes, and Horns. This means all players start the game with the following stats: 6 Rage, 3 Axes, and 4 Horns. Finally take your last Clan token and place it on the Rage Track on your clan sheet. Since your starting Rage stat is 6, the token is placed on the “6” spot of your Rage Track.