Blood Rage



The player with the highest STR total wins the battle! In case of a tie, all participating players lose the battle.

The winner of the battle (if any) must discard all cards he played. The losers of the battle take all of their played cards back into their hands.

All losing players must destroy all of their figures that were in the battle (including those that were supporting from fjords), placing them on the Valhalla sheet.

If the player who initiated the Pillage wins the battle, they have successfully pillaged the province and gain the Pillage Reward indicated in the Pillage token. Flip the token to its “pillaged” side to indicate that the province cannot be pillaged again until the next Age.

If the pillaging player does not win the battle, the province is not pillaged and nobody gets the Pillage Reward. Any player (including the pillager) can try again later in the phase to pillage the province.

Finally, the winner of the battle gains Battle Glory, whether he’s the pillaging player or not. The number of Glory points they get is equal to their current Axes stat, as indicated on their clan sheet.