Blood Rage

Action Phase Overview


This is the main part of the game, where invading and pillaging takes place, battles are fought, and blood is spilled.

All players begin the Action phase with the amount of Rage indicated by the Rage stat on their clan sheet. If this is the first Age, you’ve already taken care of this by placing your Clan token at 6 Rage during setup. In subsequent Ages, if you have improved your clan’s Rage stat, you will begin the Action phase with more Rage.

The player with the First Player token will go first, and play proceeds in clockwise order from there.

On your turn, you must choose a single action to perform. If that action carries a cost in Rage (it usually does), you must pay that cost and then take your action. Move the token on you clan’s Rage Track to indicate how much Rage you’ve spent. If you do not have enough Rage to fully pay for a particular action, you cannot take that action.

Once your action is complete, your turn ends. The player to your left will then take their turn, performing a single action and paying any Rage cost associated with it. Players continue taking turns in order.

A player who is down to zero Rage cannot perform any action on their turn, not even an action that costs zero Rage. All that player can do is react to other players’ actions, such as participating in a battle started by another player. Note that if they later gain some Rage, they resume performing actions on their turn.

Players have five options to choose from when performing an action (as indicated at the bottom of the clan sheet). Players can take the same action several times throughout an Action phase, always taking a single action per turn.