Blood Rage



Place a card from your hand on your clan sheet to improve your abilities.

Each clan sheet has slots for up to eight upgrades: one each for your Warriors, Leader and Ship, two for Monsters, and three for your Clan.

When you Upgrade, you must choose an Upgrade card from your hand and pay Rage equal to that card’s STR.

Then place the card in the appropriate slot on your clan sheet. If there is more than one potential slot, you choose which one to use. This new Upgrade card is now in permanent effect, granting you any benefits listed on it; from higher Strength for your troops to special abilities.

If there is already a card in that slot, discard the old card and replace it with the new one.

If your clan has two Upgrades in different slots that give you the same type of benefit, both cards take effect independently. One does not cancel the other.