Blood Rage

Pillage Overview


Attack a province and plunder its bounty for your clan.

If you can successfully Pillage a province, you will gain a reward, either by improving one of your clan stats, or by gaining more glory. But first you will need to defeat in battle any other clans occupying that province.

To Pillage, choose a province that has at least one of your figures in it (or in a supporting fjord) and has not yet been successfully pillaged this phase (its Pillage token is showing the reward side up). It costs no Rage to Pillage, but remember that you can’t take any action if you’re down to zero Rage. A Pillaging action is resolved following 3 steps in order:

1. Call to Battle: Players may move adjacent figures to join the battle.

2. Play Cards: Players in the battle reveal cards to add STR and/or special effects.

3. Resolution: Highest STR determines the winner. Losers are destroyed, winner gets rewards.