Conflicts Between Cards and Rules


This page outlines the general rules. Many cards add special rules, so in most cases when the rules disagrees with a card, follow the card.


However, ignore any card effect that might seem to contradict one of the rules listed below unless the card explicitly says it supersedes that rule!

1. Nothing can reduce a player below Level 1, although card effects might reduce a player’s or a monster’s combat strength below 1.

2. You go up a level after combat only if you kill a monster.

3. You cannot collect rewards for defeating a monster (e.g., Treasure, levels) in the middle of a combat. You must finish the fight before gaining any rewards.

4. You must kill a monster to reach Level 10, and you cannot force another player to help you do it.

Any other disputes should be settled by loud arguments, with the owner of the game having the last word, or by checking if your question is answered in the Dized rules!