Characters may be Warriors, Wizards, Thieves, or Clerics. If you have no Class card in front of you, you have no class.

Each Class has special abilities, shown on the cards. You gain the abilities of a Class the moment you play its card in front of you, and lose them as soon as you discard that card.


Some Class abilities are powered by discards. You may discard any card, in play or in your hand, to power a special ability.
See the Class cards for when abilities can be used.

Note that a Thief cannot steal while they or the target is fighting – and as soon as a monster is revealed, the fight is on!

You can discard a Class card at any time, even in combat. When you discard a Class card, you become classless until you play another Class card.

You may not belong to more than one class at once unless you play the Super Munchkin card.