Helping in Combat Example


For instance, if a Warrior helps you, you will win if your combined total ties that of the monster, and your helper can Berserk and discard cards to add their his combat strength (but only once per combat, not once per monster).


If you are facing the Wannabe Vampire and a Cleric helps you, they can chase it away automatically. But if you are facing the Drooling Slime and an Elf helps you, the monster’s combat strength is increased by 4 (unless you, too, are an Elf and the monster’s combat strength has already been increased).

If someone successfully helps you kill the monster, discard it, draw Treasures (see Rewards), and follow any special instructions on the monster card. You level up for each slain monster. Your helper does not go up any levels . . . unless the helper is an Elf, in which case they gain one level for each monster slain. You draw the Treasure cards, even if it was your helper’s special ability that defeated the monster, and distribute them according to the agreement you reached.