If drawn face-up during the Kick Open The Door phase, Curse cards apply to the person who drew them.


If acquired some other way, such as by Looting The Room, Curse cards go into your hand and may be played on any player at anytime. Reducing someone’s abilities just as they think they have killed a monster is a lot of fun.

Usually, a Curse affects its victim immediately (if it can) and is then discarded. However, some Curses give a penalty later in the game or have a continuing effect. Keep these cards until you get rid of the Curse or the penalty takes effect. (Curse cards you keep as a reminder may not be discarded to power Class or Race abilities. Nice try!)

Note: If someone plays a “your next combat" Curse on you while you are in combat, it counts in that combat! The same is true for a “your next turn" Curse played during your turn.

If a Curse can apply to more than one Item, the victim decides which Item is lost or Cursed. If a Curse applies to something you don’t have, ignore it. For instance, if you draw Lose Your Armor and you have no Armor, nothing happens; discard the card. (Some Curses have alternate effects, though, so read the card!)

There will be times when it will help you to play a Curse or Monster on yourself, or to “help" another player in a way that costs them Treasure. This is very munchkinly. Do it.