Phase 2: Player Turns


Players play their turns in the order specified by the selected Guardian Cards. The player with Guardian Card #1 reveals it and plays their turn first. If no player has card #1, the player with card #2 starts, etc. After a player’s turn ends, the player with the next Guardian Card in order reveals it and plays their turn. After the last player has played their turn, the round ends.

Each player has three Tokens to use during their turn, either to place on the board or sacrifice for terrain. Players also have one guardian action to use, as shown on the Guardian Card they selected. Players can perform the actions in any order they want.

EXAMPLE: a player can start by placing a Token on the board, then play the guardian action and finally place the two remaining Tokens on the board. A player must use all three Tokens each turn.

The guardian action is optional. If a player does not use it, it is lost.

At the end of the turn, remember to sacrifice any Token placed on a Volcano (see Volcano).