Placing Tokens


Players have three Tokens to use on each of their turns. A Token can either be:

1. Placed on the board, or

2. Sacrificed for terrain.

Tokens are placed on the board one at a time. Each Token has to be placed horizontally or vertically adjacent to one of the player’s Tokens already on the board. Players cannot place a Token on a space that already contains a Token, regardless of who owns the Token on the board. A Token can only be placed on a Meadow, Forest, Ruin or Volcano space.

EXAMPLE: Blue player can place their next Token on spaces marked with an "a".

Restrictions: a Token can never be placed on water, temple, or Mountain space (note: Volcano and Mountain are different terrains).

Adjacent space: any space horizontally or vertically (but not diagonally) adjacent to a given space.