End Scoring



Token on a space with ruins: 1 VP (Victory Point)


A Temple is consitdered discovered if a player has a Token on a space horizontally or vertically adjacent to that temple, even if the Token is on a different map tile. A temple can be discovered by multiple players. Players get points per temple, not per Token adjacent to a temple. Players get points for discovered temples in four different ways.

1: Small Temple discovered: 2 VP

2: Large Temple discovered: 3 VP

3: Each Map Tile on which a player discovered all temples: 3-4 player game: 8 VP, and 2 player game 5 VP.

4: Count the amount of different Map Tiles on which the player has at least one discovered temple. Players get points based on the chart below:

Sacrificed Tokens

Players get points for having sacrificed more Tokens than others, according to the table below. A player scores zero (0) VP in this category if they did not sacrifice any Tokens. In case of a tie, players receive full points for their position.

EXAMPLE: Victory points based on sacrificed Tokens in a (tied) four player game (see image above).

Tie breaker: In case of a tie, the player with more sacrificed Tokens wins the tie.

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