Terraforming Mars

Fund an award


There is no requirement that must be met to fund an award.

The first player to fund an award pays 8 M€ and places a player marker on it. The next player to fund an award pays 14 M€, the last pays 20 M€. Only three awards may be funded. Each award can only be funded once.

In the final scoring, each award is checked, and 5 VPs are awarded to the player who wins that category - it does not matter who funded the award! The second place player gets 2 VPs (except in a 2-player game where second place does not give any VPs). Ties are friendly: every tied player receives the first or second place bonus (see example). If more than one player gets the 1st place bonus, no 2nd place is awarded.

These are the awards and what they are awarded for:

1) Landlord: Owning the most tiles in play.

2) Banker: Having the highest M€ production.

3) Scientist: Having the most science tags in play.

4) Thermalist: Having the most heat resource cubes.

5) Miner: Having the most steel and titanium resource cubes.