Terraforming Mars

Setup example


Kim, Stanley, and David decide to play a standard game of Terraforming Mars. They each

choose their color, take a player board and mark starting production by placing markers on ’1’ on the six production tracks.

Kim, the first player, deals 10 project cards and 2 corporation cards to each player. They examine their cards, and when they have all decided which cards and corporations they want, they start to reveal them in player order.

Kim reveals her corporation: PhoboLog, which gives her 10 titanium resources and 23 M€ that she collects on her player board. Then she declares that she buys 5 cards to her hand, paying 15 M€ for them. She’s got a few expensive space cards that will put her titanium to good use. Then she discards the unused corporation card back into the box, and the 5 unbought project cards face down into the discard pile next to the deck.

Stanley then reveals that he’s going to play ThorGate, starting with 48 M€ and 1 extra energy production, which he marks on his player board. Stanley decides to keep all 10 cards and pays 30 M€ for them.

David decides to play Tharsis Republic. He adds 40 M€ to his player board and pays 12 M€ for the 4 cards he decides to keep, leaving 28 M€. As his first action, he will get to place a city tile. Not only that, but the city tile may give him a placement bonus as well, and his corporation card says that he may increase his M€ production 1 step each time a city tile is placed on Mars, and that he also gets 3 M€ back when he places any city himself.

And now the first generation starts with Kim taking the first turn in the Action phase...