Terraforming Mars

Player boards


The player board keeps track of your current resources and production. Resource cubes are placed in their respective boxes, and player markers are used on the production tracks. In the game, resource icons refer to resource cubes, while resource icons inside brown boxes refer to production of that resource.

1. Production tracks: If you gain production of a resource, mark the new production level with your player marker. Production is not limited to 10. During the production phase you add resource cubes equal to your production.

2. MegaCredits (M€) : Are used to pay for cards and other things.

3. Steel: Is only used to pay for cards with a building tag and is worth 2 M€/cube. You may pay with both M€ and steel, but you get no refund for ’overpaying’ with steel.

4. Titanium: Is only used to pay for cards with a space tag and is worth 3 M€/cube, similar to steel.

5. Plants: May be converted into greenery tiles by using the depicted action.

6. Energy: Is used by many cards. All leftover energy is converted into heat at the beginning of the production phase.

7. Heat: May be spent to raise temperature 1 step by using the depicted action.