Terraforming Mars

Action example


Stanley starts the second generation action phase by using the standard project ’Sell patents’:

He discards a card to gain 1 M€ - he realized that that card was not really helpful for his situation. Plus, he wants to see what the others do before deciding his own course of action.

After that, David uses the standard project City and pays 25 M€ to place a city and increase his M€ production 1 step. Being Tharsis Republic, this gives him another M€ production and 3 M€ back, besides the normal tile placement bonus. Content with just one action, he tells Kim to start her turn.

Kim plays the space project Asteroid Mining at a cost of 30 M€, but instead spends 8 titanium on it because it’s a space project. Because of PhoboLog’s effect, each titanium is worth 4 M€, which makes a total of 32 M€.

She could have payed 7 titanium plus 2 M€, but she pays 8 anyway because she’s low on cash. Asteroid Mining allows Kim to increase her titanium production 2 steps, so she adjusts that parameter on her player board, and then places the card before her.

Kim decides to play another space card as her second action, spending more titanium in the process, before giving the turn to Stanley, who now has decided to go for Geothermal Power. That card has a power tag and costs 11 M€, but because Stanley has the corporation ThorGate, with a discount effect for power cards, he only needs to pay 8 M€ for it.

And so the turn continues around until everyone is out by doing no actions.