Terraforming Mars

Example on Playing a generation


There are 3 players; Stanley, Kim, and David.

The generation starts with the Player Order Phase. The first player marker is moved one step clockwise to Stanley. The generation marker is moved one step up.

The game moves onto the Research Phase. Each player is dealt or draws 4 cards, reads them, and decides how many to buy. Kim buys all four. David buys one. Stanley buys two. They all remove the required amount of money (M€) from their player mat and discard the unbought cards.

The game moves onto the Action Phase, which lasts for several rounds.

Stanley plays a standard project as their first action on the first round. Kim plays a card. David plays two actions; a card and a standard project.

Stanley plays two actions on the second round of the generation, one from a blue card and one as a card. Kim plays another card. David plays a standard project.

Stanley starts the third round by playing a card. Kim plays a third card. David is out of cash and resources, or is saving his money for a more expensive card, so he passes and is out for the generation.

Stanley and Kim are left on the fourth round of the generation. Stanley plays another action from a blue card. Kim has no blue cards in front of her and she does not have the money to play any of her cards, so she also passes and is out.

Stanley is left alone as active from the fifth round onwards, and can now play as many actions as he wants, and then pass. This concludes the Action phase.

All players have passed, and the game moves to the Production Phase of the generation. First, all players convert unused energy into heat. All players then simultaneously receive their M€ income (according to the M€ income on their player board plus their TR), plants, energy, heat, metal, and titanium, if they produce any.

All players remove their player markers from blue cards with actions used that generation.

The generation ends, and the players are ready to start a new generation and continue playing, since there are still unplaced oceans, and the oxygen and temperature tracks are not complete.