Terraforming Mars

Example on scoring


Stanley has a final Terraform Rating of 38, so that’s where he starts counting his remaining VPs.

He got 5 VPs from the award Thermalist, and he also claimed the Planner milestone for 5 VPs. From the game board Stanley has 3 greenery tiles around his lone city, so that’s 3 VPs from the greenery tiles and 5 VPs for the city, because it also lies next to 2 greenery tiles owned by David.

This brings the total up to 56 VPs before the cards are considered.

Stanley has 3 resources on his Livestock card, giving him 3 VPs. He also has a total of 6 extra VPs on his other face up cards (blue and green), and -1 VP on an event card (red), making his final score 64 VPs.