Terraforming Mars

Final scoring


1) TR: Your Terraform rating (TR) at the end of the game is your basic score. Move your marker onward from this point as you add VPs from the rest of the scoring.

2) Awards: Gives the leading player in that category 5 VPs and the runner-up 2 VPs (except in a 2-player game). Ties are friendly: Players at the same level get the same VPs for 1st or 2nd place. Add your points to the TR-track.

3) Milestones: Each claimed Milestone is worth 5 VPs.

4) Game board: Players get VPs from the map on the game board. Each greenery tile is worth 1 VP and each city tile is worth 1 VP for each greenery adjacent to it (regardless of who owns the greenery tiles). Count these in player order to avoid confusion.

5) Cards: First count all VPs on cards that collect resources. Then gather all of your remaining played cards (including all your played events!) and count your VPs. If you have Jovian cards, these may have to be counted separately.

The player with the highest total score is the winner! Any ties are won by having the most M€.