Terraforming Mars

Cards overview


Each player starts the game with a corporation card. During the game, players buy and play many project cards to get benefits of different kinds. Project cards are divided into active cards (blue frame, see example), automated cards (green) and event cards (red).

1. Tag: Places the card in certain categories, which can affect or be affected by other cards, or by the player board (e.g. you can pay with steel when playing a building tag).

2. Starting conditions: This tells you how much money (M€) you start with, as well as other starting resources and production. Some corporations also have a fixed first action described here.

3. Effect / action: Boxes marked by a blue ribbon show an ongoing effect or action that may be used during the game. Actions may be used only once per generation, while effects are always active.

4. Flavor text: Gives you some background information and feeling for the card.

5. Cost: This is what you pay in M€ to play the card from your hand. (To get cards into your hand, you must first buy them during the research phase.)

6. Requirement: Any requirement must be met in order to play the card. Some cards require a global parameter to have reached a certain level, while others can only be played while the parameter is still low (see example card). Some cards require that you have certain tags or production. Note also that the requirement only needs to be fulfilled when playing the card, not when you use it later.

7. Immediate effects: Most cards affect your (or your opponent’s) resources or production. You may also get tiles to place, or other effects.

8. VPs: Some cards give you victory points at the end of the game. If you are uncertain of how a card works, read the text in parenthesis.

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