Flamme Rouge

3c. Exhaustion


Riders leading a pack have to work harder than those cycling behind them. Any rider that ends their turn with an empty square in front of them (after slipstreaming has been applied) receives an exhaustion card.

Take an exhaustion card from the appropriate deck (either Sprinteur or Rouleur) and add it to the face up recycled cards under their energy deck.

In the above diagram the two rearmost riders, the black Rouleur and the green Sprinteur, have an empty square in front of them, so they both receive an exhaustion card.

The black Sprinteur at the very front of the race has an empty square in front of them, and thus receives an exhaustion card.

The red Rouleur and the blue Sprinteur do not receive an exhaustion card as they only have an empty lane in front of them, not an empty square. It is assumed the pack is huddled close enough together that they can still benefit from the pack's aerodynamics.