Flamme Rouge

2. Movement Phase


Each rider is moved in turn, starting from the rider at the front (ie closest to the finish line) then moving through the riders until the rider at the back (ie the one furthest from the finish line). In the case of two riders being side by side in the same square, the rider on the right moves first. A rider only gets to move once in the movement phase.

When it is a riders turn to move it must move forward a number of squares equal to the amount shown on the energy card it was allocated in the Energy Phase.

Riders can move through other riders, but can not end their move in an occupied lane.

A rider ending their move in an empty square must be placed in the right hand lane. A rider ending their move in a square where one of the lanes in occupied may end their move in the unoccupied lane.

If the square a rider is supposed to end their move in is fully occupied then they must be placed in the first available lane behind the full square.

Consider the example below. Only the blue Sprinteur and red Rouleur are left to move.

The blue Sprinteur will move before the red Rouleur because even though they are in the same square, the rider in the right lane takes priority.

The blue Sprinteur has an energy of 5 this turn, so moves 5 squares forward, into the same square as the black Rouleur. Because the right hand land is occupied the blue Sprinteur moves into the left hand lane.

The red Rouleur also has an energy of 5 this turn, but can't move 5 squares as both lanes in that square are now occupied, by the blue Sprinteur and the black Rouleur. The square behind is also fully occupied, by the black Sprinteur and the green Rouleur, meaning the red Rouleur is only able to move 3 squares forwards, into the right hand lane of the empty square as shown.

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