Flamme Rouge

1. Energy Phase


All players participate in the energy phase simultaneously. Energy cards all have a number on the top: this represents how hard your rider will cycle this round, how many squares forward they can move.

Choose one of your two riders, either your Sprinteur or Rouleur. From that rider's energy deck draw four energy cards. Choose one to use for this round.

The card you are going to use should be placed, face down, by the deck it was drawn from. The remaining three are recycled, place them face up under they deck they were drawn from.

After you have placed the chosen card for your rider you must repeat the process for your 2nd rider. You may not draw cards for your 2nd rider until after the 1st rider has had their card chosen.

You may look at the face up cards that have been recycled into your energy deck at any time, but you may not look at the face down cards. You may also check the energy card you have played for either rider at any time.

If you run out of energy cards and can't draw four from the face down deck, draw what you can, then shuffle the face up recycled deck, place it face down, and continue drawing energy cards until you have four in your hand.

If there are fewer than four energy cards available, even after the recycle deck has been added back in, draw what you can.

If there are no energy cards left then take and use an exhaustion card instead of an energy card.