Ascents, or up hill climbs, are marked with along the side and have the and icons by them. Two additional rules apply to ascents.

- Max energy 5. No rider starting their move in an ascent, or moving into or through an ascent, may use an energy of more than 5. Anything on their energy card above five is wasted. A rider who has already moved 5 or more squares may not move into an ascent that turn.

- No Slipstreaming. A rider in an ascent may neither use slipstreaming, nor may another rider use slipstreaming from them.

The red Sprinteur may not use slipstreaming as the blue Rouleur is on an ascent.

The blue Rouleur may not use slipstreaming as they are on an ascent.

The black Sprinteur may use slipstreaming as they are not in an ascent and there is exactly one empty square between them and the blue Sprinteur. They move forward a square, but the black Rouleur is left behind as they are on an ascent and may not slipstream, even though he is in the same pack as the black Sprinteur.

Exhaustion rules apply as normal for ascents.