Dorfromantik: The Board Game

Unlocking Green Hexes


The first green hex unlocks Box 1 (4). The second green box unlocks box 2 (5). All the other green hexes will unlock a new Achievement card from Box 3. Each time you reach one of these green hexes, open Box 3 and take out the named card and, if necessary, any additional components as indicated on the card. In addition, there are 3 white circles in the Advancement track that unlock a Red Heart when you cross them out (6). These can also be found in Box 3.

Unlocked components are added to the game according to the directions on the Achievement cards. Basically, the following rules apply:

First, cross out the box for what you have unlocked in the list on the right of the table. The top section of the Campaign sheet lists everything you’ve unlocked from Box 3 and the bottom section lists everything you’ve unlocked from Boxes 1, 2, 4, and 5. All unlocked components are always used in all further games for the Campaign.

When opening an unlocked box, begin by reading the Components card which describes its contents. In the boxes, you will discover Achievement cards that you will place faceup next to your play area in future games. If you manage to complete the condition on an Achievement card during a game, turn it over and follow the instructions on the back (Achievement card unlocked).

Mix new Landscape tiles in with the other Landscape tiles and new Task tiles in with the Task tiles. Extra space has been accounted for in the insert so that everything will fit in the respective com­partments. You will also unlock new Special tiles, which become a third type of tile. These have the same back side as Landscape tiles and are distinguished by a Sign Post with icons on the front:

If a Special tile with a Sign Post has a special way to be scored, it will display an icon as a reminder of how you may score these points.

In all other cases, the Sign Post will display an exclamation point icon.

Even though these Special tiles have the same backside as Landscape tiles, there are special rules for them in 3 situations (each highlighted in bold on the Achievement card). In addition, there is a separate compartment for the Special tiles in the insert.

Important: Don’t mix in your Special tiles (that is, the tiles with a signpost) with the other Landscape tiles during game setup until after you’ve randomly drawn 3 Landscape tiles to return to the box without looking at them.

You may pause a Campaign at any time to start a new one or to continue another Campaign in a different group. Use the Compo­nents cards for each lock box to be sure you store the components in the correct boxes. The overview on the right edge of your Cam­paign sheets will remind you of what you have already unlocked in the respective Campaigns.