After scoring the game, turn to your Campaign sheet.

First you will need to record your game result. Round your result down to match the closest value seen on the rows of the left column (1). For example, 128 points would round down to 120 (Coachman). Then, in the right column marked with a crown (2), enter the game number in which you achieved this result. During the campaign you might achieve the same result multiple times.

Second, you will get to advance on the Advancement track. The middle column (3) shows how many small white circles you get to cross out on the Advancement track. The Advancement track is in the middle of the Campaign sheet, and starts from the very bottom, where the hiker is.

Dots must be crossed out in order starting from the hiker. The green hexes don't need to be crossed out, they are simply skipped. After the second green hex, the Advancement track forks. You can freely choose the direction in which you want to go, and you can explore both directions, as long as you cross out the dots in order.

Whenever you reach a green hex, you’ve unlocked something! (Unlocking Green Hexes)