Dorfromantik: The Board Game

Turn Phase 1: Tile Reveal


On your turn, you will reveal either 1 Landscape tile or 1 Task tile and 1 Task Marker. The tile you draw depends on how many Tasks you already have in play:

Reveal a Task tile and a matching Task Marker if you have less than 3 Tasks in play. This means that for the first 3 turns you must draw a Task tile.


Reveal a Landscape tile if you already have 3 Tasks in play, or you have no more Task tiles to draw. If you would need to reveal a Landscape tile but there are non left, then the game immediately ends (see Game End).

The tile will then be placed into the play area according to the placement rules (see Turn Phase 2: Tile Placement). Before placing, discuss where this tile might be best used with the other players. Once it’s been dis­cussed, you make the final decision as to where to place it.

Whenever you reveal a Task tile, you must immediately take 1 matching Task marker to add to the Task tile. Flip the Task marker so the number is visible and place both tiles together in the play area.

There are 5 different Task types:

Forest Task

Grain Task

Village Task

Track Task

Stream Task