• 25 Task Tiles

• 48 Landscape Tiles

• 25 Task Markers

• 1 Campaign Sheet Pad (20 sheets, one-sided)

• 1 Score Pad (50 sheets, two-sided)

• 1 Rulebook

• 5 boxes of additional components that are unlocked during play. See the individual rules to see each box's contents in detail. Below is the list of the components found in the boxes (contains spoilers, tap to reveal).

• 32 tiles

• 31 cards

• 8 markers

• 5 wooden Hearts

• 1 plastic stand

Here's how you can use the insert:

In the upper 3 compartments there are 5 boxes (1). These contain additional game materials that will be unlocked during the games campaign. Don’t open these boxes until instructed to do so!

Next to the boxes, you will be able to store the additional elements you will unlock from the boxes during the campaign (2), unlocked cards can go in the middle (3), and Task markers on the right (4).

You can place the Score pad over the middle compartment of the boxes and cards (5), and the Campaign pad over the entire upper area of the insert (6).

The lower area of the insert is for the hexagonal tiles. Task tiles (with the white icon) fit into the left compartment (7), and all Landscape tiles (with the windmill) fit into the right compartment (8). The Special tiles unlocked during the campaign can be kept in the middle compartment (9).