Scoring is done at the end of the game. The game comes with a Scoresheet that allows you to sum up the scores.

A: Enter the game number in the crown. For example, after your first game write down "1". This allows you to refer to a certain score in Campaign Sheet, where game numbers will also be recorded.

B1-B5 & S1: Calculate the total for all completed Task markers for each Landscape type and enter the sums in the corresponding spaces. You score points for all completed Forest Tasks B1, all completed Grain Tasks B2, all completed Village Tasks B3, all completed Track Tasks B4, and all completed Stream Tasks B5 . On the far right, enter the grand total of all completed Tasks S1.

C1 - C3: Now determine which Flags are in completed territories, as they are the only ones that will score. For each Flag in a completed Territory, gain points equal to the number of tiles in that Territory. Enter the total in the appropriate space, points for green Flags C1, points for yellow Flags C2, points for red Flags C3.

D1 - D2 & S2: Count how many tiles are in your longest Track and your longest Stream in the play area. This means all tiles of the same type that are adjacent to one another without a break in the connection count for Tracks or Streams. Enter the number of tiles in the spaces for the longest Track D1 and the longest Stream D2. On the far right, enter the grand total of points for Flags, the longest Track, and longest Stream S2.

E & S3: This area is for scoring the unlocked game elements. Ignore this at the beginning of a Campaign. At the start of each subsequent game for your campaign, we recommend checking off all the boxes on the Scoresheet for components you have already unlocked, so thaat you know which ones you will need to score at the end. Record the total points gained for this section in the rightmost space S3.

F: Enter the player names for this game here.

G: Enter the date for the game here.

H: Enter the grand total of points for your game here. (Sum of the grand totals from S1 + S2 + S3).

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