Players can place a Token on Ruins normally. A Token that is placed on Ruins can never be moved away from that space. When a player places a Token on Ruins, that player may immediately perform one extra guardian action. The player can choose:

”Move a Map Tile”

The player may move the Map Tile, on which they placed a Token on Ruins. The Map Tile can be moved in a straight line horizontally or vertically, so that it moves into the empty slot in the grid. The Map Tile can move over another Map Tile on its way to the empty slot. If the Map Tile can’t be moved, meaning it doesn’t lie on a straight line horizontally or vertically to the empty slot, the player can’t choose this action. The Map Tile cannot be rotated during this action.


”Move a Token”

The player may move one of their Tokens from a Meadow, Forest or Volcano to an adjacent empty space containing a Meadow, Forest, Volcano or Ruins. The Token cannot be moved across a waterway. The Token that is moved must be on the same Map Tile on which the player placed a Token on Ruins. The player can move a Token to another Map Tile this way.


”Rotate a Map Tile”

The player may rotate the Map Tile on which they placed a Token on Ruins, either 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.


The player can choose not to use the extra guardian action, in this case the extra action is lost.


Map tiles that can be moved with a “Move a Map Tile” guardian action.