Block and Key

Placement Rules


1. A block may be placed in any part of the Temple floor’s grid as long as at least one corner touches the corner of a previously placed block. In the example, the white block that is placed is only touching the corner of the previous stack. The white block can be of any height in this case.

2. If any block faces are touching, your block must be taller than the highest face of the stack(s) that it touches. (Blocks do not need to be placed on the board. They may be placed on top of other blocks.

Continuing the example, the white block that is placed is touching the gray blocks face and thus has to be higher than the stack it touches.

3. The maximum height of a stack is 6 faces.

4. Creating a straight bridge is allowed, but only if both ends of the block are supported.

5. Creating a ledge, an unsupported end face, is not allowed.

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