Block and Key




May 37th, 195v
Guadahorez, Western Ameranada

A temple, long forgotten by time, hides mysteries whose keys may be unblocked. Some, fear what lies ahead. We, however, cannot wait for a chance to try our hand, nay, our head, on these ancient grounds. Although we arrived together, our pride pushes us to unlock the secrets before our fellow archeologists.

Some Key scripts, some Blocks. Each turn I had to decide, I could either drag three of these unique Blocks to my supply. Or I could move one Block from my supply to the Temple Floor.

It was quickly discovered that by placing them according to the hieroglyphs on the temple walls, the Blocks would lock in, allowing us to check their designs against the Keys we found earlier. And when matched to our unique vantage point, the mysterious Keys would reveal their value and unlock new Keys to dig deeper.

Could the ancient symbols covering the pillars be hinting at when our quest will end? Could the hieroglyphs etched into the Temple Floor be of some use to the group?

Or to the lone explorer?

There’s only one way to find out...