Block and Key

End of the Game


After a player claims a set number of Key cards, the game end is triggered. Every player now receives one final turn.

The number of Key cards needed to trigger the end game is set by the player count, and is shown on the columns:

- 12 cards for 2 players

- 8 for 3 players

- 7 for 4 players, and

- 11 turns in a solo game (see solo rules)

After the game ends, players add up the individual number of coloured faces (visible from their perspective) that match those on their Enigma card, and then divide that number by 3 (rounded down). Players add that number to the VP on each Key card they successfully claimed during the game. The player with the most VP wins!

Tiebreakers: The player with more claimed Key cards wins.

Still tied: the player with more leftover blocks wins.

Still tied: the player earlier in turn order wins.