Block and Key

Claiming Keys


As you place blocks, your goal is to complete your Key cards by creating the depicted pattern, as seen from your perspective.

To claim a Key you must contribute one or more faces from your most recently placed block to a Key card’s design.

• Each face can contribute to unlimited designs.

• It is possible to claim more than one Key card at a time if you contribute at least one face to each Key card’s design.

• Empty squares on a Key card can contain empty spaces, or any coloured face. A player only needs to see their Key within all faces on the Temple floor.

• The faces do not need to be touching each other, they only need to look like the Key from your 2D perspective.

• Key cards can be claimed from any rotation, but they cannot be mirrored.

• Only Keys that have been claimed will score their victory points (VP) at the end of the game.

To claim:

1. Place a block with at least one face contributing to the Key’s design.

2. Place the Key card face-up and show where the Key is claimed. Opponents may check your perspective to confirm the claim, but they may not see your Key cards or Enigma card.

3. Draw back up to 4 Key cards, choosing which Altar to draw from.

Although the game is played in a 3D space, players are only able to claim Key cards as seen from their 2D perspective of the Temple floor.

You must place a block that is a part of the Key to claim it on your turn. You cannot claim a Key card that was already completed before your turn started.