Block and Key

Solo mode: Player Turn Description



1. Take one action, as explained on "Player Actions"

2. Mark the turn as completed by doing the following:

• If you claimed a Key card, place it face-up. If you claimed multiple Key cards this turn, stack them in one face-up pile.

• If you did not claim any Key cards, take 1 Key card from either Altar and place it face-down. This includes turns when you take blocks.

3. You may discard 1 Key card from your hand to the bottom of its matching Altar.

4. Refill your hand to 4 Key cards, from any Altars you wish.

5. If you added at least 1 new Key card to your hand, enact one “Ancients’ turn.”

• Do not enact an “Ancients’ turn” if you did not add any new Key cards to your hand or after your last (11th ) turn.

6. Play these steps 11 times total. Track this by laying each round’s card(s) perpendicular to the card(s) from the last round.

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