Block and Key

Solo mode: Ancients' Turn



1. Based on the last Key card you drew, find its “Stars and Pips.” Example: it could be 2 Stars surrounding 7 Pips.

• If you drew multiple Key cards, use the last Key card drawn.

• The Pips match a location in the Excavation Site.

• The Stars match one of the corners of the Temple.

2. Draw the block from the Excavation Site with Pips matching those on the Key card (i.e., 7 Pips).

3. Place that block on the Temple following standard block placement rules as well as these directives:

a) It must be placed corner to corner with the block that is closest to the Stars matching those on the Key card (i.e., 2 Stars).

b) If two blocks are equal in proximity to the Stars, you may choose which block to place it next to.

c) All faces of the block placed must remain within the grid lines.

d) If a block cannot be placed due to lack of grid space, it is returned to the bag and the Ancients’ turn is over.

e) As long as you follow all points above, you may choose how to position the block.

You cannot claim Keys cards completed by the Ancients’ block placement.