Block and Key

Player Actions


Players take one action per turn: Excavate Blocks or Position a Block (and check/refill Key cards).

To Excavate Blocks, simply take a row or column of blocks from the Excavation Site, and then refill the site by drawing blocks from the bag.

• You may have a maximum of 7 blocks in your supply. If you have more than 7 after taking the Excavate Blocks action, discard your choice of extra blocks back into the bag until you have 7 Blocks.

• If the bag runs out, refill the Excavation Site as much as possible. Players might get fewer than 3 blocks when they excavate!

To Position a Block: Place one block from your supply onto the Temple floor, following the placement rules.

• Optionally claim one or more Key cards if they were fulfilled on your turn. A card is fulfilled when one or more faces from the block you placed contribute to the design depicted on each Key card.

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