The game ends when 2 out of 3 global parameters (ocean/temperature/oxygen) have been completed. Then all players (including the player completing the 2nd parameter) get 1 last turn. Note that increasing the 3rd parameter still gives 2 VP, and you still receive 1 VP for raising an already completed parameter.

When the last turn is completed, any remaining resources and cards in hand are discarded without effect. Now add VP from Awards, Milestones, and cards to get your final score:

Awards: For each Award, players will count the number of that icon in the costs of all their played cards. The player with the highest number of that icon scores 5 VP, and second place scores 3 VP. Ties are friendly: If 2 or more players tie for winning an Award, both players score 5 VP, but no second place is awarded. If 2 or more players tie for second place, both get 3 VP. In a 2 player game, there are no VP for second place.

Milestones: Each milestone tile is worth 4 VP. Milestones are gained during the game as soon as a player fulfill the requirement.

VP from cards: Each player adds all VP from all their played cards (medal symbol with red ribbons at the lower right).

The player with the highest score wins the game!

If tied, the player with the highest production of dice (count all dice symbols in brown boxes on corporation and green cards) is the winner. If still tied, this really calls for a re-match!